Vater Video-Big Mike Clemons


Vater Artist Video Spotlight-Big Mike Clemons

Vater Artist and Israel Houghton drummer, Big Mike Clemons, talks about his background, influences and his new Vater Player's Design Model.





Mike's design measures out just under a 5B in the grip with an extra 1/2" in length for added reach around the kit. With a quick taper and a classic acorn style tip for full drum and cymbal tones, this model is very durable and responsive. Mike's model also features Vater's Nude Series finish for a comfortable, unlaquered grip.


"My stick model works well for me and I believe it will work well for you too. It's durable for the power player and not too big and not too small...great for any hand size. It has the length that every drummer wants and has no finish so it doesn't slip out your hands." -Mike Clemons



Posted by Chad on Thursday, November 04, 2010 9:07 AM

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