Dan Whitesides talks about The Used's New Album

Vater Artist Dan Whitesides of The Used took the time to write up his insight into the bands new album that was released March 27, 2012.

Our new album VULNERABLE comes out MARCH 26 it's our fifth studio album and my third with the band. Out of all of our albums I think this one might be my favorite for the simple fact that the songs are amazing. It's such an experimental album, there are so many different types of songs but it all ties in so well and It still has that classic THE USED sound. I think if you like THE USED then you'll love this album and if you don't like THE USED I really recommend checking it out because I'm guaranteeing there's a song in there for any music lover.

One of my favorite tracks is called KINDA TURNIN' ME ON. It has one of the coolest beats on the album; it's a beat that uses kick, snare, hi hat and floor tom to make one of the more original sounding beats on the album. You'll need to listen to it to hear what I mean. I'm a rocker at heart so all of the crazier jams are my favorites. KISS IT GOODBYE is another one that rules. That song stemmed from someone saying "play something sort of crazy" and that beat came right out and we wrote that song really quick.

I think this album is probably the most experimental album we've ever done. Some of the songs were written in our practice space as a full band, some were written on a keyboard, on piano, on acoustic and some we wrote in the studio. I think we work best when we mix things up and sort of keep things fresh. It was cool coming up with electro beats, jamming over the top with real drums and coming up with some interesting beats. It's also fun to just come up with a beat and then Jepha or Quinn will jam out to it and write something that fits well over the top of it. We really do try write in every and any way possible.

Vocally this album is one of the more positive albums we've done. There are definitely some super dark songs but we went in to this album on a positive note so we had no choice but to write a few positive songs.

I've played VATER drumsticks since I was a teenager, so basically since they started making sticks over 1000 years ago! I use the VATER MV-10 stick model.

I love VATER sticks because I'm a heavy hitter, their sticks are hard to break, they weigh the same and they feel solid when you're playing with them. I know that sticks and really any drum gear is expensive but VATER makes a great stick at a great price. I truly believe they are a stick company that really understands drummers and percussionists in general better then any other stick company out there. I'll always be using VATER... even when I'm 2000 years old!

VULNERABLE is available in stores and online now. A huge thank you to Chad Brandolini and to everyone at VATER for all their hard work and support over the years.

Thanks for your time,

-Dan Whitesides

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Donations for Jerry Gaskill of King's X

On February 26, 2012, long time Vater Artist and King's X Drummer Jerry Gaskill suffered a major heart attack. Jerry was rushed into emergency surgery and then was kept sedated. Within the next few days, Jerry developed a lung infection and had to have a trachestomy. Jerry is now awake and is fighting to get better. Like too many musicians, Jerry doesn't have any medical insurance and his medical bills are piling up quickly! 


Donations are now being accepted to assist Jerry with these costs. King's X have released an exclusive, never before released 90 Minute Live Set, "Burning Down Boston: Live at The Channel 6.12.91" for download with all proceeds going to Jerry. In addition to the gift with this download, anyone who wants to further make a personal gift to Jerry can mail a check (made out to Jerry Gaskill) to: Jerry Gaskill, c/o World Entertainment Inc., P.O. Box 3095, Sea Bright, NJ 07760.

100% of each gift goes to Jerry Gaskill to help him defray his medical bills. Jerry Gaskill is an individual and not a charity. Any funds given to him would be a gift and no further tax deduction for charitable contributions would be coming from him. We appreciate your help.



Download and Donate "Burning Down Boston: Live at The Channel 6.12.91"

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Los Angeles Drum Services

While in California for the 2012 NAMM Show, we popped over to see our good friends at Los Angeles Drum Services. We thought we'd film a quick feature about them to show you what they're all about and give you an inside look into a different and cool side of the drum biz. While there, we ran into Vater Artists Brian Frasier-Moore (Madonna) and Chaun Horton (Natasha Bedingfield/Toni Braxton) who were "working" in the custom hardware shop!

Chris Achzet and Bobby Boos have a combined 50 years in the professional drumming area of the music business. It is this knowledge and skill level that open the door for all the services that LADS provide, From the musician just starting his professional career to music veterans, LADS can handle all your drumming needs. If you can think of a service that could benefit a professional drummer, more than likely LADS provides it.

For more info, visit: www.ladrumservices.com or call: (800) 686-3096

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Vater Sponsors Hit Like a Girl Contest

Vater is proud to join DRUM! Magazine, Tom Tom Magazine and others in sponsoring “Hit Like A Girl 2012,” the first ever drumming contest for girls and women. Vater Artists

The online competition will be hosted at HitLikeAGirl.com and is open to female drumset players of all ages, levels, types and styles. Entries in the form of 3-5 minute performance videos will be accepted from February 1 through March 31, 2012 with the winners to be announced May 1. The video entries will be posted on the Hit Like A Girl 2012 YouTube channel and must include a brief, written description of the player’s influences and/or reasons for drumming. Since the competition will take place online, players can participate from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

For the final rounds, the top videos will be judged by a stellar panel of female drum artists, including Vater Artists Jess Bowen (The Summer Set), Kim Thompson (Beyoncé), Hannah Ford (Bellevue Suite) and more. Judging criteria will include technique, time, feel, creativity, personality, passion and showmanship. Fans, friends and drum enthusiasts from around the world will have the opportunity to vote for their favorites in the preliminary rounds through YouTube viewer rankings.

Contest prizes will feature a complete drum and cymbal set along with sticks, heads, cases and a variety of other accessories and merch totaling over $10,000.

For a complete list of contest rules, prizes and entry instructions, go to HitLikeAGirl.com!


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NAMM Artist Signing Schedule

Vater Artist Signings Confirmed for the 2012 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA Include:

Friday January 20th
12:00 PM
Steven Adler (Adler's Appetite/Guns N' Roses)

1-1:45 PM

Bennie Rogers (Mariah Carey)
Tony Escapa (Ricky Martin)
Robin Diaz (Daughtry)
Manny Dominick (Travie McCoy/Chester French)
Mike Clemons (Israel Houghton and New Breed)

Saturday January 21st
1-1:45 PM

Jeremy Spencer (Five Finger Death Punch)
Richard Christy (Charred Walls of the Damned/Howard Stern Show)
Tony Hajjar (At The Drive In/Sparta)
Jay Lane (Primus)
Mike Byrne (Smashing Pumpkins)
Come on by Vater Booth # 3072 in Hall D to check out all the new Vater Products for 2012, grab a copy of the new Vater Catalog and meet some of your favorite Vater Artists...you never know who you'll run into at the Vater booth!


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Modern Drummer Readers Poll 2012

Vater is well represented in the 2012 Modern Drummer Readers Poll! Head on over to ModernDrummer.com and cast your vote. Vater Artist nominees in the various categories include: Chad Smith, Josh Freese, Chris McHugh, Virgil Donati, Mike Johnston, Jim Riley, Eric Slick, Jay Lane, Matt Flynn, Matt Halpern, Jeremy Spencer, Brann Dailor, Chris Dave and Ari Hoenig.

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16 New Vater Products for 2012!


You’ll definitely want to add these to your stick bag! The StickMate Tambourine and Shaker models slide right on to your stick, brushes and mallets to give you added sound effects while playing, They’re made of lightweight polymer and the low profile won’t interfere with your playing. There’s a cut out in the handle for your thumb to rest in and contact the stick. You can easily put it on and take it off, or tape it on to the grip for extended usage. Patent Pending. StickMate Shaker: VSMS /  StickMate Tambourine: VSMT



Fusion Acorn VHFAW

  A new tip on an iconic stick...The Fusion Acorn is the same design as the classic Vater Fusion but with an acorn tip for a warmer cymbal and drum tone.  

L 16"   40.64 cm

D .580"   1.47 cm


BeBop Series

The new BeBop series are smaller grip sized models that are perfect for lower volume or Jazz settings. All three models feature the same profile and tip. The 500 and 525 models come in under a 7A in the grip. The quick taper produces a fast rebound with a small tip size for a clean ride cymbal tone. All three models available in Hickory and Maple. Maple will offer even more of a lighter touch and slightly warmer cymbal tone.

BeBop 500 Hickory: VHBB500 / Maple: VSMBB500

L 16" 40.64cm

D .500" 1.27cm


BeBop 525 Hickory: VHBB525 / Maple: VSMBB525

L 16" 40.64cm

D .525" 1.33cm


BeBop 550  Hickory: VHBB550 / Maple: VSMBB550

L 16" 40.64cm

D .550" 1.39cm



Sugar Maple Phat Ride VSMPTRW

Vater’s popular Phat Ride model is now offered in a Sugar Maple version. Same dimensions as the Hickory model, but made from Sugar Maple for a lighter weight and softer touch. Quick taper to a medium-sized round tip produces a clean sound on ride cymbals. A very versatile stick.


L 16"  40.64cm

D .580"  1.47cm



Two New Sizzle Mallets

 Sizzle Fusion VSZLF

The classic Fusion, with a hard felt mallet head on the end. The smaller mallet head design won't interfere with your grip or playing. Round stick tip for bright cymbal tones.

Sizzle Fusion Acorn VSZLFA

Fusion Acorn model stick with a hard felt mallet head on the end. The smaller mallet head design won't intefere with your grip or playing. Acorn stick tip shape for a warmed and broad cymbal sound.


 Splashstick Models Get a New Edge

Vater has updated all Splashstick models to now feature angled edges on the dowel ends for a better feel, rebound and fuller sound.



New Rubber Xylo and Bell Mallets

Designed for indoor, out-door, or concert settings. The shape of the mallet head is designed for optimum sound throughout the overtone series.All feature Rattan Handles.



The soft creates a warm sound that is great for ambiance or soft passages in the music. A great mallet to use in legato passages, allowing the mallets to blend with the rest of the ensemble. It allows the tone of the instrument to speak without being lost. It is a great way to add the sound without the strong attack.


The medium mallet creates a full sound and is a great blend of attack and tone. The length of the mallet allows you to have the versatility to choke up or to hold the mallets further back for more leverage 


The hard mallets offer a clear and full sound with strong attack to the instrument without the sound sticking out of the blend of the ensemble.



Multi Tenor Mallet: MV-T2XL


Large 1 ½" lexan disk. The larger hard disk allows the mallet to rebound from drum head to drum head quickly without contacting the rims. Great for articulating scrapes, sweeps and windmills.





All of these New Products will make their debut at the Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA on January 19, 2012 but you can start requesting them at your local store today! If you're attending the NAMM Show, please visit the Vater Percusion Booth in Hall D #3076

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Two Vater Artist Inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

We're very excited that Vater Artists Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Steven Adler (Guns N' Roses) will be inducted into the 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The 27th annual ceremony will take place on April 14, 2012 The ceremony will be taped for broadcast by HBO, which plans to air it in early May. Guns N' Roses was nominated in its first year of eligibility.Chad and Steven now share this honor with fellow Vater Artists Stewart Copeland (The Police) and Michael Shrieve (Santana).


Chad Smith uses Vater Chad Smith's Funkblaster
Steven Adler uses the Vater 7A Wood Tip 

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Diane Downs and Louisville Leopard Percussionists Join Vater

Vater is very excited to welcome Diane Downs and The Lousiville Leopard Percussionists to the Vater Artist Family.

The Louisville Leopard Percussionists are a performing ensemble comprised of 60+ student musicians ages 7-12, who reside in 20 different Louisville zip codes and attend 27 different schools in and around Louisville, Kentucky.  Diane Downs created The Fabulous Leopard Percussionists in November 1993.  After 10 years, the group became a non-profit community based organization and was renamed to the Louisville Leopard Percussionists.



Since then, the Leopards have performed throughout Louisville and Kentucky at events including the Kentucky Derby Festival, at University of Louisville sporting events, with the rock band My Morning Jacket, for the U.S. Women's World Cup Champion Soccer Team, for the International Jump Rope Championship Team, at Morehead State University, Eastern Kentucky University, and with the Louisville Orchestra.  

On the national level, Downs's students have performed at the Atlanta International Band & Orchestra Convention, the Indiana, Kentucky and Florida State Music Educator's conventions, WGI Percussion Finals in Dayton, The Midwest Clinic in Chicago, the International Association of Jazz Educators Conferences in Chicago, New Orleans and New York City, the American Orff-Schulwerk Association National Conference, the Duke Ellington Jazz Festival in Washington, DC, at the Jazz Educator's Network Convention in New Orleans and in Louisville, and 4 times at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention
During these performances, the Leopards have had the privilege of performing with some of the world's leading percussionists including Jerry Steinholtz, Victor Mendoza, Ndugu Chancler, Louie Bellson, Joe Morello, Brad Dutz, Emil Richards, Zoro, and Dave Samuels. They have also performed for such luminaries as Coretta Scott King, Evelyn Glennie, and Wynton Marsalis.

The Leopards were also featured in an HBO special, "The Leopards Take Manhattan: The Little Band That Roared" as part of the acclaimed "Music In Me" series. The documentary follows the Leopards to New York City to perform before the Chick Corea Trio (Chick Corea, Jack DeJohnette, and Eddie Gomez) at the 2006 IAJE Convention. The Leopards Take Manhattan:  The Little Band that Roared - click on SCHEDULE and WATCH VIDEO. - http://www.hbofamily.com/programs/music-in-me-leopards-take-manhattan.html

Diane Downs
For more info on Diane Downs and The Louisville Leopard Percussionists, please visit www.louisvilleleopardpercussionists.com

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Brann Dailor on Cover of DRUM! Magazine

Vater Artist Brann Dailor of Mastodon is the cover story of the current issue of DRUM! Magazine (Dec 2011) issue.

Another Vater Artist featured in this issue is Andy Farag of Umphrey's McGee.

As if that wasn't enough, on page #106, there's a review of some of Vater's new products including the Cora Coleman Dunham, Chris McHugh, Mike Johnson 2451, Chris Pennie, Big Mike Clemons models as well as Vater Grip Tape.

Grab your copy of DRUM!'s Dec. issue today! 



Check out our Vater Artist video spotlight on Brann Dailor here:

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