Factory Tour Video

We have just posted a new Vater Factory Tour video. The video is a step-by-step overview from Alan Vater of the manufacturing process from the time it's a dowel all the way through being a finished drumstick in our warehouse.

See for yourself the hands-on care and quality assurance that your Vater sticks get every single day.


Posted by Chad on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 7:03 PM

NAMM day 2

Friday was nuts at NAMM. We had Steven Adler sign for fans at noon, and artists coming by nonstop. Lots of fun was had. Check the photos!


Derek Roddy could not contain his excitement.
Patrick Keeler (the Raconteurs) picked up a Vintage Bomber

fans lined up for over an hour to see Steven Adler 
Steven and Vater's own Bill Morgan
Mika Fineo (Filter) swung in before his signing on Saturday
Alan Vater and Fred Dinkins
Anthony Michelli and Vater's Chad Brandolini
Darius Fentress
Eliott Jacobson (Ingrid Michaelson) and Justin Glasco (Kate Vogel)
Mario Calire (Ozomatli) was pumped to get on the booth wall.  He stayed there for quite a while.
Nate Walker (Lit) and Chad B!
Jerry Gaskill (King's X)
Andrew Cook (A Rocket to the Moon) and Ryan Yerdon (Puddle of Mudd) hung out for a while and talked about how Portland, Oregon could have just has easily been Boston, Oregon. Weird.
David Silveria and Chris Pennie
Brian Frasier-Moore really loves his signature sticks. No, REALLY loves them. You will too.
Ilan Rubin (The New Regime/Nine Inch Nails)
Mike Clemons (Israel Houghton and the New Breed) checking out his new signature stick. 
Serge Lysack (The Drum Lab) and Mike Johnston (mikeslessons.com) are stoked to be part of the Vater family, and were nice enough to let Mario stay on the wall for this photo ;)
That's it from Day 2 of NAMM. More photos to come from Day 3! 

Posted by Dan on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 4:22 AM

NAMM Day 1

Our first day at NAMM was action packed! here are a few shots from the day: 

fans line up for Chad Smith's signing at the booth

Vater's Chad Cunningham is impressed with the turnout.

Vater artist Alberto Vargas checking out some Recordings.

Chris Johnson (Rihanna) and Chaun Horton (Natasha Bedingfield/Macy Gray) dropped by to chat for a bit.

Mike Johnston hung out and chatted with friends about the 2451, his new signature stick.

Artists Dave Chiverton, Nick Smith, and Q. Robinson.

Felix "D-Kat" Pollard and Dave Chiverton.


Today, we've got Steven Adler coming in for a signing and more artists stopping by to talk wood.  Stay tuned for more updates! 

Posted by Chad on Friday, January 14, 2011 5:05 PM

Artist Signings at NAMM Show

Come on by Vater's booth at the 2011 NAMM Show January 13-16th in Anaheim, CA. Vater is booth #3072 in Hall D of the Anaheim Convention Center.

We will be introducing several new products for 2011, and also a brand new Vater catalog.

Vater Artists that are scheduled to appear for autograph signings at the Vater booth are:

Thursday January 13th 1PM

Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers)


Friday January 14th 1-2PM

Steven Adler (Legendary Guns N' Roses/Adler's Apppetite Drummer)


Saturday January 15th 12-1PM

Big Mike Clemons (Israel Houghton and New Breed)

Brian Frasier Moore (Janet Jackson/Madonna/Christina Aguilera)

George "Spanky" McCurdy (Lady Gaga)

Chris Pennie (Coheed and Cambria)

Mike Johnston (Mikeslessons.com/Independent) 


Saturday January 15th 3-4PM

Mika Fineo (Filter)

Brian Tichy (Whitesnake) 


You'll be able to catch many other Vater Artists dropping by the Booth including: Chris Dave (Maxwell), Scott Travis (Judas Priest), David Silveria, Robin Diaz (Daughtry), Mario Calire (Ozomatli), Chris Johnson (Rihanna), Joe Sirois (Mighty Mighty Bosstones), Aaron Montgomery (Trapt), Nate Walker (Lit), Ed Udhus (Zebrahead), Xavier Muriel (Buckcherry), Bennie Rodgers (Mariah Carey), Manny Dominick (Chester French), Nisan Stewart (Diddy/Jamie Fox), Gorden Campbell (Jessica Simpson) and many more! You never know who you may bump into at the Vater booth.

*Keep checking the Vater Facebook and Twitter pages as we'll be posting pictures and updates from the show floor!








Posted by Chad on Thursday, January 06, 2011 10:58 PM

Vater Artists running Get Off My Case Company

When Vater Artists Nate Walker (Lit/Kerli) and Ed Udhus (Zebrahead) aren't touring the world, or in the recording studio, they are real busy running the successful Fullerton, California based company Get Off My Case.

 In 2002, Ed Udhus set up shop inside his garage and, without fanfare, launched his own custom case business. With nothing more than this "do it yourself" work ethic and a huge collection of tools, the dream was set in motion. Little did Ed know,Get Off My Case was soon to be hailed as, "The greatest case building company in the world!"

The entire staff at G.O.M.C. have dedicated themselves to providing the highest quality product for their musical peers. With their artist backgrounds, they understand - firsthand - the rigors and wear of the road. In their opinion, a well built case is one that lasts longer than the band who purchased it. Quality craftsmanship is their goal and the key, they believe, in having a long-lasting company that will be around for years to come.

Satisfied Get Off My Case customers include: The Vandals, Green Day, Unwritten Law, Ratt, Flogging Molly, Lit, Zebrahead, Reel Big Fish, Sugar Ray, Goo Goo Dolls, Social Distortion, Sugar Cult, Poison The Well, D.I., The Matches, The Strays, The Hurt Process, The Summer Set, Core One Products, Zinky Electronics, Kung Fu Records, and many more.

Get Off My Case offers cases in any size, shape and color to protect your drums, guitars, cymbals, amps, keyboards, laptops, merch, soundboards and everything and anything else!

For a FREE and no obligation quote on any type of case, and to take a part in G.O.M.C's year end sale, contact them at the info below and make sure you tell them that you saw this at vater.com





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Posted by Chad on Monday, December 13, 2010 8:36 PM

Mike Johnston 2451 Videos

Vater Artist and Educator Mike Johnston sent us this video that breaks down all the specs of his new Vater 2451 stick models. Mike also answers a very common question: "What's the difference in Hickory and Maple drumsticks?"

Be sure to also check out the other 2 videos below explaining the 2451 models and the inspiration behind the stick name.

2451 Specs and Hickory vs. Maple Video:

2451 Video Part 1:

2451 Video Part 2:

Ask for the Vater Mike Johnston 2451 models and Mike's Speed Chart Posters at your local store today!



Posted by Chad on Tuesday, December 07, 2010 7:30 PM

Exclusive Video: Morgan Rose of Sevendust

Vater spent some time with Artist Morgan Rose (Sevendust) while he was on tour. In Part 1, Morgan spoke in depth about his background, influences, his failed trip to MI in California, how Sevendust formed, filling in with Motley Crue, how he came up with the design for the Vater Alien Freak model and more.

In Part 2, Morgan shares his very personal experiences about the stress that being in a non-stop touring band has had on his body and relationships. He also talks about the music biz and how he has seen it change for artists first hand over the past 13 years since Sevendust started.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Morgan Rose uses the Vater Morgan Rose Alien Freak Model.



Posted by Chad on Tuesday, November 23, 2010 5:06 PM

Lennie DiMuzio publishes Tales from the Cymbal Bag.

Lennie DiMuzio, a long time friend of the Vater Family , has just released his book Tales from the Cymbal Bag. For over 40 years, Lennie has worked with the most famous drummers in music history and has been an integral part of their sound. Lennie shares his historical and hilarious stories of working closely with Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Neil Peart, Max Roach, Louie Bellson, Steve Gadd, Vinnie Colaiuta, Tony Williams, Chad Smith...and a ton more.

Lennie also tells some stories about his friendship with Alan and Ron Vater's grandfather, Jack Adams.

Tales from the Cymbal Bag is jam packed with hundreds of incredible never seen before pictures from Lennie's personal archives.

Tales from the Cymbal Bag is a great insight into music history that every musician should read. It's available now directly from www.jumpbackbaby.com .It will also be available from select five-star drum shops and other specialty retailers. Price: $29.99. Visit Lennie and Jump Back Baby Productions online at www.jumpbackbaby.com for more information.





Posted by Chad on Friday, November 19, 2010 3:19 PM

New Vater Practice Pack

New Vater Practice Pack! (VPP)

The perfect pack of essentials all in one convenient package for new drummers! The New Vater Practice Pack provides all the tools to get new drummers started. This unique pack includes a variety of free educational material that is perfect for drummers of any skill level.

Vater Practice Pack consists of:

2 Pairs Vater 5A Wood Tip Drumsticks

1 Vater Stick Bag

1 6" Chop Builder Practice Pad

Included for Free is:

1 Vater Rudiment Poster

1 Vater Mike Johnston "Speed Chart" Poster

1 Vater Drum Key

1 Vater Drumstick Key Ring

2 Issues of Modern Drummer Magazine (by mail)

1 Vater Sticker Sheet

1 Vater Product Guide

1 Vater Artist Poster (included while supplies last)

Ask for the new Vater Practice Pack at your local store today!



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New Pink Stick Bag!

Vater Introduces Pink Stick Bag!


A stick bag designed for all the female drummers out there! This stick bag features an all-over “rocker girl” style print. Features 2 large outside pockets, with multiple pockets and pouches inside for tons of accessory storage space. Stick storage space is divided into 2 large sections and includes Velcro straps for hanging on floor toms.

Ask for them at your local music/drum store today!




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