Matt Johnson Reflects on Jeff Buckley's "Grace"

We recently caught up with Vater Drumstick Artist Matt Johnson in Boston while he was on tour with St. Vincent. While Matt was here, we asked him to discuss his work on Jeff Buckley's "Grace" album as 2014 marks the 20th Anniversary of it's release. "Grace" was Jeff Buckley's only completed studio album to be released as Jeff died in a drowning accident in 1997.

In this video, Matt talks about meeting Jeff just a very short time before they tracked the album, and goes somewhat track-by-track to talk about his drum parts, the recording process for the album, how the drum set configuration varied, and how some aspects of his playing on that album were a result of, what he calls, "fear and stark terror" during the recording process.

 Matt Johnson reflects on "Grace":

Matt Johnson uses the Vater Sugar Maple Power 5B 

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Tim Alexander Makes The Switch To Vater

Vater is very excited to welcome iconic drummer Tim Alexander to the Artist Family. Tim was the drummer in Primus from 1989-1996 and 2003-2009. Fellow Vater Artist Jay Lane came back into Primus in 2009 until Tim’s return to the band in 2013.

Tim has also released 2 albums with Laundry and was also the first drummer in A Perfect Circle and can be heard on “The Hollow” from the Mer de Noms album. Additionally, Tim has also performed in the Blue Man Group as well as Maynard James Keenan’s project, Puscifer.

The first official Primus show with Tim Alexander back on drums was New Year's Eve 2013 at The Fox Theater in Oakland. The band performed their first set with the original "Suck On This" backdrop hung on the stage. For their second set, Primus performed the soundtrack from the 1971 film "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory" in its entirety. 


Tim Alexander is currently using a Vater Tim Alexander prototype stick model made in maple along with the Vater Vintage Bomber Beater, and various mallets and specialty sticks. 



 Vater Artists on Tim Alexander:

 "Pork Soda was my first introduction to Tim Alexander's playing, and up until that point, I was unaware of how creative one could be as a drummer. I spent many nights cobbling together the craziest f-ing kits as I tried to harness even an ounce of what that guy was doing." Miles McPherson. 


 “Listening to Tim Alexander is like perpetually being musically head faked, his playing is so creative and precise you never see it coming. It's what makes him a modern day legend.” Mike Byrne [Smashing Pumpkins]


 “Tim Alexander was one of my earliest and biggest influences. His playing has influenced a whole generation and he's extremely humble about that. We got to play in Puscifer together and it was awesome to not only work with him but to become friends. Glad he's on board with Vater!” –Gil Sharone [Stolen Babies]


 "I had the pleasure of watching Tim play from the side of the stage a few times and I was always impressed by his incredible chops..but he played for the songs too. Effortlessly marrying chops and musicality.  Welcome to the Vater family!” Joe Sirois [Mighty Mighty Bosstones/Roll The Tanks]


 "Every now and then a drummer comes along that, with their musicality and innovative playing, captures every musician's attention.....he's one of those drummers!" James Harrison [Drum Line Instructor: Boise State University]


 “A huge inspiration while I was growing up learning how to play drums. I was always analyzing his playing and his drum kit. He makes his grooves and fills extremely tasteful and makes such difficult parts look easy. He is one of the best out there and great addition to the Vater family!“ Nate Walker [Lit]


“A master of groove and truly one of the most unique drummers out there, Tim Alexander proves time and time again that anything is possible on a drum kit…all he needs is a pair of VATER sticks!” –Cyrus Bolooki [New Found Glory]


 "My teenage ticket to WTF is this!?…held together by one hell of a drummer that covered the full spectrum of sonic possibilities in a rock band. And the album covers had clay art which was cool! I had them all...cassette tapes at that time, that is."  -Tony Escapa [Ricky Martin/Independent] 

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