2 New Vater Artist Videos

Two new Vater Artist Spotlight Videos on Aaron Stern and Zachary Alford.


Aaron Stern (D.R.U.G.S.)

Zachary Alford (Glee/B 52's)

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Victor Indrizzo Joins Vater

We are very excited to welcome Victor Indrizzo to the Vater Artist Family!

Victor Indrizzo is the driving force behind many of today's hit recordings. Not only is he one of the worlds most sought after session drummers, he is also an accomplished songwriter and producer.

Victor has toured, recorded and worked with an amazing variety of artists, such as: Beck, Sheryl Crow, Gwen Stefani, Scott Weiland, Chris Cornell, Macy Gray, Katherine McPhee, Willie Nelson, Hilary Duff, Avril Lavigne, Shakira, Jordin Sparks, Meatloaf, Alanis Morissette and many, many more.

Victor's drumming, composing and guitar-playing can also be heard on countless movie soundtracks and film scores such as: 40 yr. Old Virgin, Get Him To The Greek, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Spiderman, The Matrix II, American Idol, I Love You, Man, Wedding Crashers and more.

"We are honored that Victor Indrizzo has chosen to play Vater sticks." commented Chad Brandolini (Vater Artist Relations Director) "We're excited that Vater sticks will be a part of the magic that Victor lays down both in the studio and live, with the world's leading acts."


Victor is now using the Vater New Orleans Jazz Model in wood tip

For more info on Victor Indrizzo, please visit his site at: www.victorindrizzo.com


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Video Feature-Dick DiCenso

For Dick DiCenso's 70th Birthday this past August, fellow Vater Artist Jimmy Pemberton (Kiley Evans/Educator) sat down with him to film this 2 part video interview. Jimmy had Dick chat about what got him into playing drums as a young kid, touring, opening DiCenso's Drum Shop and why after all these years, his real passion with drums is with his being an Educator.

Dick DiCenso has been a long time friend of the Vater Family. In fact, Dick had great influence on the launching of the Vater brand in 1991 and also helped design the Vater Super Jazz Model .

Part 1:

Part 2:

 A few words from Alan Vater on Dick DiCenso:

I first met Dick 30 years ago while he was Managing Director at Harris Fandel Music Company. Dick was a very close friend of my Father Clarry, and my Dad cherished this friendship. If my Dad were around today, he would be very honored to share in the Happy Birthday wishes for Dick! 

It was on that day, when I met Dick for the first time, that he and my Dad were discussing the prospects of Harris Fandel purchasing the drumsticks that my Dad and my brother Ron were making downstairs in my Dad’s Drum Shop in Norwood Massachusetts.

Dick was instrumental in providing expert advice to my Dad in those early days when my Family resumed the art of making drumsticks. That art had been passed on from my Grandfather Jack Adams (of Jack's Drum Shop in Boston, MA) and my Godfather Fred Michele. Dick's guidance, friendship and generosity are greatly appreciated as we look back on those early times of Vater Percussion.

I also can clearly remember the day that Dick paid us a visit, to our then new factory, in Weymouth Mass and asked us to produce Private Label Drumsticks under the name “ChopStix” for his new store, DiCenso’s Drum Shop, that he was opening in Quincy. It's apparent today that Dick's decision to open his own drum shop was the right one, as it continues to thrive today.

There is alot of history between the Vater and DiCenso families. I have come to know and respect not only Dick but also his son Dave who is one of today's greatest drumming talents. Personally there are a select few people that I looked to with the passing of my Father in 1998. Dick is one of those people whose words and presence continue to bring me comfort and reassurance.

From myself and the entire Vater Family, we wish you a very Happy 70th Birthday!     -Alan Vater


Alan Vater and Dick DiCenso
Purchase Dick DiCenso's book, A Practical Workbook for the Modern Drummer, by clicking the image below:


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